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We could have posted a list of 40-50 sheets describing functionality of the program in this section. But we've made it easier:

Are you interested in availability of a certain function?

This function is available in MAx1


Much experience in the market

Our company's been working since 2005 in the market of software for management of enterprises in beauty industry. Reliability of our software is proven by many years of functioning in the largest salons, salon networks and medical centers

Automatic order of goods

The program calculates average consumption of cosmetics and reminds when and in what quantity you should make an order.

At change of prices by suppliers, retail prices will be automatically calculated taking into account your trading margin.


Integrated database for beauty salon chains

Detailed settings. All possible ways:

  • salary accounting
  • salary advance accounting
  • accounting of awards for employees
  • fixing of individual prices for employees
  • working with certificates and membership cards
  • systems of promotion for clients
  • discounts
  • bonuses
  • and many other options which allow to create perfectly comfortable environment for work with the program.

SMS-notifications and evaluation of service quality by clients

Sending of notifications about appointment in salon, about payment and many other things.

Compatibility with all kinds of auxiliary equipment


  • Touch screens
  • Web cameras
  • Web cameras
  • Bar-code readers
  • Cash registers
  • Printers for documents (receipts)


Possibility for clients to make an appointment online on your site.

Innovative book of appointments

Making appointments for clients is much faster than when using paper register, and much more effective (possibility sms- notifications, instant creation of accounts and shift of records).

Reporting system not simply provides information, but helps you as well

Our reporting system provides solutions for complicated issues, the managers of beauty salons have to face.  

You get answers for specific questions, such as: 

  • What goods are the most profitable and what lie around unsold?
  • Whence do clients learn about your salon?
  • What employee has many regular clients, and what get only one appointment as a rule?
  • What percent of new clients become regular?
  • What clients bring the greatest profit and on what clients should you focus at special offers?
  • and other concrete questions which arise in daily routine of managers.

Significant quantity of standard reports from which you can take all information for bookkeeper and financial director are available (sum of average receipt, profitability of salon, salon's monthly turnover and many other things).

Confidentiality and integrity of your data

Your data are reliably protected by technologies of ciphering and Microsoft access control.

Flexibly adjustable backup system guarantees safety of data.

Moreover our program has built-in automatic system of search and correction of errors which can happen as a result of network failures.

Загрузка бесплатной версии

Пользуйтесь программой без ограничений по времени и функциям!
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