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  • A salon network cannot be successful, unless all business processes are well regulated in it. I am convinced of it on the basis of my own experience. We selected the program very carefully, because account program controls 90 % of the whole routine. I've personally looked through all programs in the market. I've heard the same things on the phone, but I knew that it's not the "empty words" what matters, but the functioning of the program in a real salon with the largest turnover in St.-Petersburg. I chose MAx1 program. Now after 9 years of cooperation I can definitely say my choise was right. The program has completely met all my expectations: a plenty of functions with maximum ease and speed of use (new administrators in our network don't need to learn the program - everything is clear at once). This was a good impulse for development of our network: we develop, whilst our competitors exaggerate staff from unnecessary merchandisers, marketing experts, system administrators, bookkeepers, and suffer with difficult configurations of 1С. My calculations show that now we save about 550 000 rbl per month thanks to MAx1 (salary of employees which functions are carried out by MAx1). By beginning of 2013 the program became almost perfect for me (almost - because it is not free): general client base, general base of certificates, membership cards, online viewing of the rests of goods in all salons at once, summary reports of the network, SMS notification of clients. I'm glad that the part of these innovations were introduced after my proposition. Growth of turnover of our network has made up 68 % last year, and it is partially a merit of MAx1 program - you can focus on development of the network instead of the routine. Finally I got some free time for the rest:) I'm very thankful to all developers of the program.


    Maxim A.

    CEO, chain of beauty salons and cosmetology centers OLA

  • I'm Soloveva Tatyana Mikhailovna. I 'm manager of beauty salon "Krasotka". I've always thought so. Mu salon is not big. Seems like everything is in plain sight, everything is at my elbow and under my control. And within the last 12 years I managed everything without any auxiliary programs which are also quite expensive. But about three years ago I hired a new administrator. She was a nice woman and a competent worker. Once she told me that the salon where she'd worked before, was equipped with such a program. Of course I was eager to hear what this program actually is. After our conversation I made a conclusion that this thing is obviously useful, but the price.... Having come home I decided to study the issue by means of Internet. And after a while I was a happy owner of free "demo" version. In two weeks of test work I realized two things: first of all, the quantity of goods in warehouse matched with quantity available for the first time within these years. And account time was reduced three times. Secondly, the administrator does not have to fill in different papers with account and can devote this time for the client. For example - to tell about special offer or to propose some skincare product. This strategy in its turn has a good effect over cash desk. The point was decided for me! I've been using Max1 Soft program for three years now. Thanks to this program I can devote my time not to daily routine, but to constant development of the salon. I've got also much more free time. Analitical Analityc-statistical block consisting of competent and clear reports allows to sort out all current issues in salon quickly. And of course the client base, a basis of any business, has extended possibilities of search allowing to find all data about the client quickly and simply, to group clients according to their preferences, to notify them about future offers and events by bulk messaging. These tools made my income to increase in many times within the short period. The only thing I regret is that I haven't installed MAx1 Soft earlier. I wish success to developers and all users of the program.


    Tatyana M.

    manager of "Krasotka" salon

  • We've been working with MAx1 program since 2011. I find it great that this program is very simple and user-friendly, but it allows one employee to carry out functions of several workers. For example our receptionists easily take care of warehouse and analyse efficiency of ads except of their basic duties, i.e. they perform work of marketing experts. Being a manager, I don't have any problems with drawing the payroll, because the program provides several variants for this. That's great that there are many reports which help me with supervising all working processes.
    And the main thing is the program is constantly updated which is also very important) Thanks)))

    Ekaterina A.

    manager of image-lab

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